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By Parisi • May 17th, 2008 • Category: About

6mix is a pilot project with a double purpose. It aims to be an online, multimedia magazine, inviting students to tell their stories with a compelling combination of words, images and sound–an exercise in “digital literacy.”


Toward that end the Online Journalism class at Hunter College in Spring 2008 wrote public affairs stories, contributed to a group project — “‘Sup Wit Dat Tat” — on the meaning of the tattoo craze and tested the graphic and audio slide show as a story-telling medium.


But 6mix also seeks to provide a way for students doing good work in all the Film and Media Studies Department’s classes to find a venue to get published and build their clip portfolios. On one hand, the magazine welcomes work submitted through the instructors of other journalistic writing classes. On the other, the documentation to create other class publications is openly available to all Hunter instructors.



The site’s foundations in blogging software makes uploading stories easy, so we look forward to the pubilcation of journalistic writing from across the department whether in 6mix or publications as yet unborn. 


This easy promise wouldn’t have been possible without some serious technical work behind the scenes. 6mix was developed through modifications of the WordPress open-source blogging program and the Mimbo theme, modified to accommodate more features of news and magazine publication, e.g. teasers, photo captions, display quotes, plus still photography, slideshows, etc.


Fivel Rothberg, a graduate student in Hunter College’s MFA program in Integrated Media Arts, did the heavy code wrangling this entailed. Hunter College senior Johanna Coxeter patiently crafted the documentation and chipped in many smart design ideas . Members of Online Journalism — Spring 2008 worked hard and inventively to provide the material. Peter Jackson, abetted by his staff of Able Interns, was our unflappable tech guru, smoothing our way across the myriad glitches that inevitably accompany doing things with computers.


The documentation is available through Peter Parisi (pparisi@hunter.cuny.edu). We welcome further use and development of this tool.

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